The Vision and Mission of the African Society will be pursued by working towards the following Objectives:

A. Patient Care

  • To improve the quality and practice of pediatric and congenital heart surgery as a specialty in Africa, with particular emphasis on areas of need through education and exchange of information;

B. Research

  • To encourage basic and clinical research in pediatric and congenital heart surgery in Africa with emphasis on long-term and regional outcomes;
  • To organize and maintain a database on operations and outcomes;

c. Community Servce

  • To promote the development of the African Society for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery, working in collaboration with pediatric and congenital cardiologists, anesthesiologists, intensivists, nurses, and all other interested physicians and allied health care professionals;
  • To promote collaboration across medical and surgical subspecialties;
  • To maintain an accurate database of pediatric and congenital heart surgeons and programs in Africa and facilitate mentorship between surgeons and centers;
  • To facilitate fundraising in Africa for pediatric and congenital heart surgery in order to achieve its goals, particularly in areas of need;
  • To sensitize governments and public organizations of the necessity to support and adequately fund pediatric and congenital heart surgery programs in Africa;
  • To interact and cooperate with existing scientific societies in the pursuit of our mission and its objectives;
  • To provide professional advice to African organizations regarding issues pertaining to pediatric and congenital heart surgery.

d. Education

  • To promote the professional and educational development of surgeons specializing and practicing pediatric and congenital heart surgery in Africa;
  • To promote the dissemination of informational support to patients, parents of patients, families of patients, and health care professionals;
  • To provide a forum for the respectful exchange of knowledge in the form of scientific meetings and publications;