Mouhcine Abid-Allah

Cardiovascular surgeon Casablanca Morroco
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Achifaa cardiac center

Paediatric cardiac surgery,
King hassan 2 medical school
King hassan 2 medical school

Cardiovascular surgeon
Ittenirary experience: in Casablanca Morocco, Paris
France, Montreal Canada , Riyadh Saudi Arabia
Professor in cardiovascular surgery field at King hassan
2 médical school since 2003
Head of cardiovascular surgery division in Humanitary
cardiac center for infant in Casablanca 2007-2012
Chief of Cardiovascular surgery department in Achifaa
multispesialist clinic in Casablanca
Member of the world society of Pediatrie
cardiac surgery
Member of the American Society of
CardioThoracic surgeon
Member of the Europeen Association of Cardiothoracic
Member of the Moroccan Society of Cardiac surgeon
Member of the Moroccan Society of Cardiology
Practice experience:
Vascular surgery
Adult cardiac surgery
Congenital heart disease in neonate and infant
Have done mainly 6000 cardiac surgery 70 % in infant
and neonate